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Mature Church, Diminishing Gifts

I have been reminded this week of the sufficiency of the Word for God to make us what we ought to be. When we neglect God's Word, we flounder in our spiritual walk as we wander aimlessly like a traveler without a map. But when we direct our hearts to God's Word and determine to hear it and obey it, we are endowed with wisdom from God himself that will never be irrelevant. Our world and even some so called Christians think that the importance and relevance of the Word of God is diminishing, but God's Word will never fail. It is a foundation on which we can always stand secure. Read More

Gifted Church, Loving Service

One of the most important but often most neglected commands in the New Testament is the command to love one another. 1 John 4 has language so strong that John believes you cannot be a child of God if you do not love your brother in Christ. But the world has so distorted the meaning of love that it is often hard for us to think right about the concept or to put it into practice consistently. Our biggest problem is that we love ourselves too much, and we want everyone else to love us too, but Paul defines love for us in 1 Corinthians 13, and it isn't about us getting what we want. Love is about giving of ourselves for the good of others, and when we can live this principle (particularly in the church) we will model for the world the difference that Jesus Christ makes in a life. "May the Lord cause us to increase and abound in love for one another, and for all people" (1 Thess 3:12). Read More

Sacrificing Lord, Remembering Church

I am struck by how often I enter worship thinking only about myself and forgetting the reason why I am there in the first place. We must guard our hearts so that we do not become self-centered in our worship and thus not worship at all. In God's good grace, he provides us with great reminders of who He is in His Word, through the Lord's Table, and through fellowship within the body. But we must take these reminders and use them to focus our worship on Christ instead of on ourselves. May God receive the worship due His name this weekend as we gather. Read More
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